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Table Mountain

Table Mountain gives you great views whether you are looking at it, or looking out from on top of it. The mountain is 1085 metres high and the flat sandstone top is what gives Table Mountain its name. The city of Cape Town has grown around the mountain, so it is in easy reach of most parts within the city limits.

If you want to reach the top of Table Mountain there are two ways to do it. The more energetic way is to walk up. There are a number of routes which have different levels of difficulty. There are some steep parts so make sure you are properly prepared and have the right clothing etc. Climbing Table Mountain takes around two hours but it does depend on how fit you are and which route you are taking. It is probably best to ask for advice at the Lower Cableway station before you set off.

The more leisurely way up is in one of the revolving cablecars that leave every 15 minutes. The waiting times can be quite long so you may want to book ahead at . The journey up only takes a few minutes and once at the top there is a shop and restaurant.

Why go up Table Mountain:

Table Mountain is a haven for wildlife. It boasts rare Fynbos vegetation and has animals such as the Dassie, which resembles a rabbit crossed with a guinea pig. Once on top of the mountain you get amazing views. That is of course if the weather is clear. Checking the forecast is the most important tip for Table Mountain. The weather can be changeable and the mountain is often enveloped in cloud, known as the “table cloth”. Bad weather can also mean the cableway does not operate. Most importantly it can be hazardous for hikers. Even on a hot day it can also get quite chilly on top of the mountain.

There are a some circular walks you can do on top of Table Mountain so leave yourself a few hours to get up, have a walk around and and enjoy the views at the summit. There are plenty of lookout points to take those unforgettable photographs. At sunset you can be blessed with some of the most spectacular views anywhere in the world.

How to get there:

You can either drive to the cableway station by car, take a taxi for a ten minute drive from the city centre or take one of the tourist buses that usually stop at the cableway.

The Camps Bay bus stops at Kloof Nek. They depart from Adderley Street outside the Golden Acre in the city centre. It is a 1.5 km walk uphill from Kloof Nek to the Lower Cable Station.

Opening Times:

The first car up is usually around 8am. The last car down can be as late as 21:30 hours in summer and as early as 19:00 hours in winter.


Table Mountain is within easy reach of the city centre, Waterfront and all the main beaches.

Did you Know?

The Table Mountain Cableway was first opened in 1929. Do not worry, it has been upgraded since then. In fact the modern cable cars are imported from Switzerland and the only other places which have the same kind of cars are Titlis in Switzerland and Palm Springs in the USA.


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